The Adventurist

Horizon at Wildwood, Residence 513

This sophisticated "mountain retreat" is for those who desire its open spaces and earthy vibe. Females, married couples and empty-nesters could all find their ideal home here, but The Adventurist's inspiration is drawn from the single male that craves constant activity and adrenaline. Biking, skiing, soccer and tennis are all on his list of hobbies, and although he enjoys his professional day job, he lives for the weekends and vacations when he can indulge his true passions.

design concept for The Adventurist is rustic, blending function and comfort with the refined ruggedness that defines the owner's personality. The condo has two bedrooms, but one has been converted into a living room/workspace, and the patio is large enough to entertain a sizable crowd. The earth tones color palette has been chosen to best emphasize the lifestyle and design concept.

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