"I travel a great deal, so I didn't have the time to deal with all the stressful components of moving. Liveable Lifestyles made my move completely effortless and I felt at home the second I walked through the door. Anyone who can appreciate moving into a luxury residence without lifting a finger will be beyond satisfied."

- Mike Lang,
Liveable Lifestyles homebuyers

"Liveable Lifestyles really streamlines the selling process. When people see the homes, they immediately feel at home and are so drawn to the fact that they can move right in. It also helps to build on the emotion of closing the sale, largely in part because these residences appeal to all of the senses. It helps us to showcase our homes so well because people are visual and need to see how a home can actually look in its finished state."

- J. Dunn,
Vice President of Sales for The Marketing Directors, LLC

- Dr. Mark and Karen Holzberg

- Misty Meredith & Cecilia Labossiere,
Horizon sales agents

- Horizon homeowners

"It's a remarkable way to not only display our product [the building], but to really get people to understand how a floor plan is laid out and how they can envision living in that unit. It has allowed us to convert more people to a sale because they see what they can do with a space and also see how they can customize Liveable Lifestyles to fit their needs. It adds a whole new dimension to the selling environment and the living environment."

- Mark Randall,
Principal of the development firm Wood Partners, LLC

"Liveable Lifestyles is such a unique concept; Jim [Weinberg] has definitely shown us how talented he is, and each model really does have its own personality. I see it as a concept that will be brought to other condo buildings, because it truly adds value to a building in the market we are in."

- Bartow Rainey,
Vice President of Marketing for the development firm Wood Partners, LLC

"It's a tough market out there, but I've got a lot of confidence that this is a product that is going to sell and is in demand, and I think the reason for that success is going to be because it is so difficult for people to visualize what a finished home actually looks like. Seeing these units in their finished states really brings the 'wow' factor - the 'Wow, I could live here.' I think it will [change the way I look at things when designing my buildings]. I think it has the potential to focus us in to greater detail. It will cause us to pay more attention to what I call continuity and design - how we take the big picture, the global aesthetic, the way the building is built and funnel that into the smallest of space like the units, the bedrooms and the closets. It's about carrying through that sense of quality and attention to detail that Jim Weinberg has such a talent for."

- Bob Preston,
Principal of the architectural firm The Preston Partnership, LLC