Single in the City

Horizon at Wildwood, Residence 918

This colorful one-bedroom residence can be for anyone who appreciates its funky luxury, although it's designed with the professional, independent female in mind. Often referred to as "The Bachelorette," the owner of this residence enjoys attending the theater, checking out art galleries, trying new restaurants, spending time outdoors and meeting friends for happy hours, but also relishes in entertaining at her home.

The colorful walls and draperies and pillows on the floor create a unique and inviting environment, and friends (both single and married) love to come to the comfortable condo to dish over wine and appetizers. The design concept for the Single in the City is a blend of eclectic and shabby chic to fit both an array of personal tastes and an appreciation for luxury living without being stuffy. The primaries color palette is the most appropriate to harness the creative energy and style of this residence and its owner.

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